Vertical Forks Portfolio

Vertical Forks Portfolio. The best solution for Atlas cages handling.




  1. Design
    Specially designed for handling Atlas cages Smartstack.
  2. Compatibility
    Compatible and available for any forklift or telescopic(CMC, MERLO, DIECI, MANITOU, JCB, etc).
  3. Safety and Efficiency
    Fast, efficient and safe handling of cages.
  4. Hooks selection
    Available hooks: FEM3 Plate, Quick without sideshift and Quick with sideshift.
  5. Durability
    Excellent resistance and elasticity of the materials; profiles and supports specifically designed to reduce damage to the cages.
  6. Capacity
    FEM3 Plate: 2500kg @ 1200mm; quick hook with sideshift: 1300kg @ 1200mm; quick hook without sideshift: 1500kg @ 1200mm.


Vertical Forks Portfolio
Vertical Forks Portfolio
Vertical Forks Portfolio