The CMC Industries automatic loading


The machine is positioned at the entrance of the shed and readied by opening the internal pre-loader, which is divided in two by a central sliding door.

One operator leads the animals towards one side of the pre-loader while the other readies the animals on the opposite side. Once the first group of animals has been transferred, the sliding door is moved to allow the turkeys grouped on the opposite side to move forward.

This solution optimises the loading process and reduces waiting time.


The animals proceed from the pre-loader inside the machine's central tunnel, which gently carries them to the front towards the caging belt.

Proper tunnel inclination, the special structure of the conveyor belt and its "soft start" system guarantee maximum animal stability during loading.

The tunnel can be protected when it is cold or ventilated when it is hot.


The cager automatically drops the turkeys inside the cages with no operator contact, greatly reducing the stress they undergo.

The upper belt helps the animals to enter the cages by gently preparing them for the proper height of the single level.

Thanks to the caging belt's incline system and the cab's telescopic system, the machine is perfectly
adaptable to fragmentary surfaces and remains parallel to the truck.