Do you knowt that it is possible to automatically load broiler from battery cages?

CMC Industries produce the LOADING STATION, a practical machine for the automatic loading of broilers grown in all kinds of battery cages. The machine is built with the same technology and experience that we have acquired during 40 years of producing loading machines. The loading station can be easily placed either inside or outside the farm.

We provide two different versions:

- Fixed: suggested when the machine receives more than 300.000 chickens, or it is placed inside a building
- Movable inside the farm: suggested when is necessary to be moved house by house. Furthermore, the loading station can load every kind of containers. The loading station is connected to the shed where it is interfaced with the internal belt of the house. CMC is able to connect to every kind of existing system

The loading systemis divided into3 phases:


Through one conveyor belt, the loading station can be easy connected with every kind of system in the chicken house.

This belt allows the chicken to be brought to the caging belt that automatically put the birds into the container.


Thanks to the “caging belt”, the chickens are automatically loaded into the container.

Every container is weighed carefully to assure the right weight of chickens into each container.


The containers are placed on the carousel and the hydraulic system moves the container when it’s full, placing the other in the loading position.

The forklift takes off the full container and places it on the truck.