Technology is accompanying our lives and our business more and more and so, as is it possible to red in the following article mention, chicken automatic loading is improving and expanding its importance day by day. In fact: “Perdue … announced its further improving the final hours of its chickens’ lives with a more than $20 million investment in the installation of a fully integrated bird transportation system at its Milford, Delaware plant. Rather than being handled by humans, the Perdue chickens in this system will be moved from barns to slaughter by machinery.
‘Any time you have human-animal interaction, you have the potential for abuse to happen,’ said Lauri Torgerson-White, an animal welfare specialist at Mercy For Animals. Countless videos online show the mishandling of birds by catchers, who are trained to grab chickens by the legs, several animals in each hand, before putting them in crates for transport. ‘Not everybody knows how to handle animals,’ said Mike Levengood, Perdue's chief animal care officer. The introduction of the new system will help the company avoid the problem entirely on the farms where it’s used. Perdue is starting to use a catching machine, which slowly advances down the length of a barn, nudging birds onto conveyor belts and then into roomier crates than the company previously used. The crates are moved by a forklift onto a newly-designed trailer, which protects the birds from the elements during the drive to the processing plant.”

CMC Industries is proud to be the market leader and historical company of this sector: what is mentioned in the article represents all the principal guide lines for our business and our mission, which has the main purpose in giving a new concept of chicken loading to the world and, at the same time, taking care of animal welfare.
Apollo Generation2 and Agile Forklift are our main products that can satisfy all the requested needs by an automatic chicken loading: thanks to first machine we are able to guarantee a high performed automatic loading, respecting the animal welfare, and with the second product we allow operators to load every single cage on the truck in the easiest way.

Automatic Loading is growing fast, CMC Industries is doing the same.

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